Meeting Dates for 2019/20
Society meetings are usually held on the first Friday of each month (except August) at 7:30pm light refreshments are available.
Entry free for members £2.00 per person for visitors
Meetings and Events
Friday 3rd January AGM Lilian Hobbs "Eisa Eisinga the Planetarium in the Bedroom"

Friday 7th February James Fradgley "Five short talks: Przybylski’s Star The Earliest Stars Blue Stragglers The Big Bang Lagrange Points "

Friday 6th March Melanie Davies "Molecular Clouds"

Friday 3rd April Hugh Allen "Spectroscopy and the Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram"

Friday 1st May Neil Phillipson "Exploring the Solar System – the story of our most successful probes (and most spectacular failures)"

Friday 5th June William Joyce "Active Galaxies"

Friday 3rd July Gary Poyner "Variable Stars, How and Why they Vary"

No Meeting in August

Friday 4th September TBA

Friday 2nd October TBA

Friday 1st November Sarah O'Brien-Twohig "M45 the Pleiades: from Ancient Timekeeper to Nasa Super Computer"

Friday 6th December Arrive for 7:15-Public Show John Mason "The Night Sky at Christmas and a Guide to the Equipment of the Planetarium" RSVP so we can give the Planetarium an estimate of numbers
Observing Events weather permitting


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